35 weeks

First things first. I just typed "53 weeks" instead of "35 weeks"...and then I wanted to cry imagining being pregnant for more than a year.

Not that being pregnant is making me want to cry right now! In fact, we got some news at our last doctor's appointment that's made me much happier. I'm basically far enough along at this point that we should be past all major health problems that would come from delivering early (praise the Lord!).

My doctor even gave me the go-ahead to get up around the house a little more - not off bed rest since we want to get to 37 weeks, but I can walk around for longer and not worry about rushing back to the couch immediately. He laughed at my overly enthusiastic reaction to this news, but it seriously gave me just the boost I needed for these last few weeks. The first thing I did with this new-found freedom was decorate our little Christmas tree. Then after laying down for a bit I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher....and it's honestly a toss-up for which made me happier. It feels so good to tidy when you haven't been allowed to (I'm trying to figure out a way to harness this phenomenon for kids doing chores). Being up usually becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly (and starts contractions, but the harmless kind) so I'm trying to not push it and be strategic. But still - it's such a nice change!

And to celebrate 35 weeks, today we walked across the courtyard to snag coffee from our building's lobby - which I haven't seen since before we moved in. I probably freaked out any neighbors who saw how happily I was peering at everything and beaming. Sorry, neighbors! I'm just the recluse you've never met! I go with the very social dog and man who always seems to be on a mission (he is, by the way. He's keeping our lives together. Feel free to give him a high five when you pass in the hallway.).

 I like that the tiny cup of coffee makes me look even larger. I suggest that all pregnant women take their weekly pictures with miniscule props.


  1. You're so adorable! We're all so happy for you and praying for you. Congratulations on the milestone!

  2. Anna, I love you and your baby! Blessings and prayers to all four of the Dunhams during the last few weeks. You are all so special to us!

  3. Great news!! you look so cute. loving this mommy wear!
    xo Jessica