matte about you

1. I was sure that title was original - I even thought "what a perfectly cheesy nail polish name that would be." Then I realized that the polish I had just used and made me so happy was, in fact, Essie's Matte About You. Womp womp.

2. Said polish is my new favorite way to stretch out how long I can go between painting my nails. It lasts much longer than normal top coats and changes the color/texture enough that I don't get bored. 

3. It makes your nails really soft and velvety. True, I had never sat around wishing for more velvety nails, but I clearly didn't know what I was missing.

4. I think this would be a fun look for a holiday party. I'm sure Darcy appreciated that I decided to paint my nails a matte navy while we decorated our tree and listened to The Messiah for 5 hours straight - her eyes were beaming about how appropriately festive it all was.

5. See how festive? But these are not my nails. I took one picture of my now-swelling fingers and decided I'd let an anonymous hand model from Pinterest make my case this time.


  1. I LOVE ESSIE NAIL POLISH. And now, I must try this. Must. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. And an extra bonus for a mama of a newborn - I swear this dries in like 15 seconds. Freedom! :)