the upside of laying down

Oof. I seem to be hitting the wall in pregnancy where you just can't get comfortable. I've had early-labor symptoms for the last week...sometimes they let up, and sometimes they're intense enough that I think it's go-time. And while we made it to 37 weeks (hallelujah!), our doctor is now out of town until the 2nd. Ha. So we're just hoping/praying/wishing that she waits until he's back, and then it's all up to her! 3 more days. 

In the meantime, I decided that I needed (for my own mental health) to make a list of things that have been bonuses of bed rest. Superficial bonuses, of course, but that's what my brain can handle right now: 

- Going longer between haircuts than ever before. This might mean that I need a serious chop to fix split ends and such, but for someone who simultaneously wants to grow out her hair and gets a euphoric buzz from regular haircuts, it was sort of nice to not have the option to give in.

- Saving tons of money on maternity clothes. It helps a lot when you're just going to be seeing your dog during the day...they don't tend to point out that a shirt isn't quite as long as it used to be, or that maybe you should have retired that non-maternity shirt a week ago. With that confession, I've made it through with about 5 maternity shirts, a pair of maternity jeans, and yoga pants. I can't even imagine having to build an entire professional maternity wardrobe.

- Actually wanting to leave the house! I'm such a homebody that I used to have to be pried out on weekends...now I'm planning on making a nuisance of myself to all of my friends asap.

And now I need to do a quick shout-out to those who are dealing with me when I'm complaining and most emphatically not making lists about the benefit of bed rest. I may have created a monster here, but Darcy is flattering enough to act like all she wants is to lay right next to me and put counter-pressure on my belly. So nice. And Will has become the master of back rubs, and doesn't even raise an eyebrow when I ask for a massage "for a few seconds," though he knows full well that it'll be 10 minutes. I've got a good team!

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  1. This is so sweet Anna! Thinking of and praying for you these next few days!!!!