hello there, 2014.

C.S. Lewis is very smart, so this may be true. But I can't help but think about some really lovely things that happened in the past year...and I don't want to leave them behind! They form a foundation for whatever comes next, and for that I'm very grateful. For that, I'll constantly dredge them up and add them to my "do you remember" bank. For that, I'm glad that I have pictures (when I take the time) and words (again...when I take the time) to remember every step.

2014 is welcome to be "far, far better" if possible, but if it is, it'll be due in part to 2013. So cheers to both the old and new!

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  1. I love this. Sometimes I worry that we are so into looking forward that we neglect the now and the past!

    But still, BABY ANY DAY. Which means 2014 is going to start AWESOME.