2 months

Oh, Mollie. Only two months in and your mom's already dropped the ball. But two days late isn't too bad, right?

That's what I thought. Miss Mollie had a rough couple of weeks with a reflux problem, but we got her some medicine and she's a happy girl now! Lots of smiles and chatting and generally melting my heart. We can have a long night of very little sleep, and when she smiles her goofy open-mouthed grin I forget it all. That's not to say that she doesn't still have her temper - anything that makes her sad quickly makes everyone around her sad too (still pitying our neighbors). 

Despite what this picture looks like, she doesn't have red hair...it's still mostly light brown. It seems to be lightening up, but I think it's more likely that she'll go blond, since Will and I were both blond when we were little. But we'll see! Are we even allowed to have a red-haired Mollie without being 100% Irish?

She holds her head up like a champ, thinks that standing is a great trick, loves eating her hands, me singing Edelweiss, hearing Will come home, and playing with her hair while she eats. And we love her.

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  1. She is just beautiful:) Just like her mama- Thanks for sharing your joy!