quick hits

So excited for Mollie's first trip to Ft. Lauderdale!

Making: some art for Mollie's room.
Drinking: hard cider - I missed it in the fall, but it's been rainy and chilly so it still feels seasonally appropriate.
Eating: breakfast for dinner.
Reading: Planet Narnia still! It's way better than my pace implies, and I'm on the last chapter so there's still hope for me reaching my reading pledge.
Wanting: Will to be able to come to Florida with us...this guy deserves a vacation.
Looking: at Mollie getting fatter by the minute. She had a growth spurt (is having one?) that went unnoticed until I realized nothing was fitting her anymore.
Playing: with a single rattle for 45 minutes. Babies have crazy attention spans.
Wasting: daylight because it's so hard not to fall back asleep for an extra hour in the morning.
Enjoying: Mollie when she first wakes up - she smiles the goofiest smiles and just makes you feel like it's going to be a great day (after the aforementioned extra hour). 
Waiting: for spring to really be here - I can't wait to not have to bundle up for walks.
Liking: that I'm a little sore from finally working out again.
Wondering: how to get my family to all live in one place - or at least one quadrant of the country.
Loving: weekends.
Marveling: at the patience of our insanely devoted Darcy.
Needing: Vitamin D - two more days till Florida!
Smelling: Burts Bees baby lotion...because I like it enough that I admit to using it myself sometimes.
Buying: flowers every week or so. It makes such a difference!
Wearing: a top knot 24/7. My postpartum hair needs help.
Thinking: that it was about time to update the blog a bit.
Bookmarking: slow-cooker recipes - a clingy baby has helped me finally see the appeal.
Opening: my Magnificat app on my phone several times a day. It's been the best part of Lent.
Feeling: content.


  1. I love the new look of your blog! How did you design your header?

  2. Thanks, Kate! A real design person will probably laugh at this, but in the interest of honesty I just painted it, took a picture (scanning didn't keep the watercolor texture) and cropped it!