self-imposed homework

[First, let's just revel in the fact that I co-opted what appears to be an ad for the Nook for an ode to my Kindle.] 

There was a time that I felt guilty about embracing my Kindle instead of the feel and smell of good old-fashioned hardcopies. That time was a time where I had two free hands. The things I could do! Make a sandwich! Paint my nails! Flip the pages of a book! 

That time is gone, except in small doses when Miss Mollie is napping. I'm a one-handed lady most of the day, which has let to a dependence on and love for my Kindle (technically the Kindle app on my iPhone). But despite having a handy way to read, I have a confession - I too often get sucked into the other apps on my phone. Hello there, Instagram and Facebook. 

I haven't finished a single book since Mollie was born. This might be because I'm stuck on a rather weighty one, but it's no excuse. I have hours of reading time available in small chunks throughout the day. And like the picture says, I [can] read past my bedtime!* So this is just a public declaration that I will finish my current book and read one more before the end of the month. Feel free to hold me accountable...they say that's the key to getting back in literary shape.**

*Bedtimes are arbitrary, two-months-olds would like you to know.
**They don't say that?


  1. This is the ongoing battle for moms of young ones!!! And I resort to reading lots and lots of blogs when nursing. And my left hand is really good at the one-hand book hold. Right hand, not quite as good. ;-)

  2. I know it!!!! God bless the kindle app for iphone too.