snow dog

Before Will and I both came down with some bizarre bug last night, we got to enjoy a lovely snow day yesterday. Darcy loves snow so much...which is sort of funny since Ridgebacks were bred for the desert. Our courtyard here is big enough that she can just go crazy running and jumping around, and nothing makes her happier:

Speaking of favorite things, I'm going to be happy for spring to come, but sad to put away this snow suit:

I think Darcy was especially grateful that she got to run around yesterday since today has involved lots of napping, shuffling around in pajamas, and asking her to make us tea (she refused). Hopefully we're feeling well enough to get back out there tomorrow!


  1. dogs playing in the snow is my FAVORITE!!! I also love babies in snowsuits :)

  2. BABY IN SNOWSUIT! I love your snow baby, and your frighteningly speedy looking dog. Good job, family :-)