two balloons

These hot air balloons hang in the corner of Mollie's room. As you may remember, I bought the red balloon to let Will know that we were expecting her. We decided to add one for every child we eventually have, so that they'll each be able to point to "theirs" within the happy family group.

Of course, that means we needed to get another one. I wanted Joseph's to be the most colorful of all, though it's the smallest. I've thought so much about how we'll talk about him with his siblings, and his place as an integral part of the family that God has given us. I've worried that we would somehow get it wrong. I'm overwhelmed thinking about celebrating birthdays and visiting cemeteries. My mind just can't map out how we'll handle it in the years to come.

But I'm starting to think that the right course will reveal itself along the way. We'll have little pushes and inclinations that show us what to do and say. Hanging a balloon seems like a trivial place to start, but it was a need that couldn't be ignored, and I'm grateful for pushes that make the next step seem so clear. For now, I point to the balloons and tell Mollie "that one's yours, and that one's Joseph's." It's simple now that it's a one-sided conversation, but I have to trust that by the time she can ask questions, I'll have the right answers.