4 months

"4 months, you say? Aren't you a little late?"

Yes, but we were traveling and I didn't pack your sticker. And it's not 5 months yet, at least!

I'm glad you're so easily pacified. Let's get to the stats, because you just had a check-up and we have stats at our disposal. 

You are, quite frankly, a large baby. You're in the 85% for weight, and the 98% for height. Good work! Combined with your head strength, fact that you like to stand and jump, etc., this leads people to guess that you're about 9 months old. I've thought about lying and saying 6 or 7 months for their comfort, but let's just own it.

You seem to be teething already (hence the presence of Sophie), but no sign of actual teeth yet. You've found your feet, and hold them almost all the time. This leads to tipping over, but still no rolling (though you don't scream and act offended when I make you do it anymore at least). You were a fantastic traveler on our trip to Michigan and Ohio and generally charmed the public - only a handful of people were present for one of your infamous tantrums...well played. You talk talk talk early in the morning and late at night, making us coo and swoon and forget the clock. You sleep in your crib in your own room, and I miss you in your bassinet, but you seem happy as can be about it.

I choose to be flattered when your smiles at me stop the second a camera covers my face:

Love you, my blue-eyed girl!

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  1. LOVE that smiley picture! Keep up the good work, Mollie!