the baby's room

I still refer to Mollie's room as "the baby's room" the majority of the time...but we have called it that for longer than she's been named. Maybe she'll get true ownership of it after she's been here a few more months?

[Also, I love her room, but the one thing that makes me sad is the lack of natural light. It's fine in person, but makes for terrible lighting in pictures. Moving on.]

Here's what her room looks like from the doorway:

It's all feet in the air, all the time around here these days. Quick source run down: changing table/dresser is IKEA with the pulls painted gold (I couldn't do much while pregnant, but I could gild anything within reach), toy basket is from Target, perfect rocking chair is from Walmart (!!), play gym and Jenny Lind crib are from Amazon. 

Tangent: Our packages are held for us at our building's front desk, and since we were getting basically everything online when I was on bed rest, Will had lots of opportunities to bond/be teased by the concierge. The sheer number of packages probably seemed completely excessive. The first time I went myself and told him our apartment number he immediately said "Ah yes! Miss Mollie's apartment!" We've since slowed down the purchasing pace considerably.

This is the corner opposite the crib:

The bookshelf is from Target (we have two more in the living room - oops), and the mirror and hot air balloons are from a French store in Old Town, as I've mentioned. Mollie's a big fan of her view from the changing table:

The wall across from the changing table (the one that the cross is on in the first picture) has a closet and some homemade art, at least until I get my act together and print some pictures:

And one last picture, just because it makes me so happy. I saw this wallpaper on some design blog, and realized it could be made into an apartment-friendly paint job. But since I couldn't do it myself, my mom and Alice spent a full day measuring, stenciling, and painting (and never complaining) so that the baby's room was just right. I'm so thankful for that labor of love!

Again, the lighting's wonky, but the stars are gold on a neutral background. I think I'm going to want a wall like this in every house I live from now on...

So there it is! Our first baby's first room. 


  1. Please open an Etsy store where you sell tiny watercolor prints of hot-air balloons. Ok good.

    Also: MUST GILD EVERYTHING. This is my new plan.

    1. I kid you not, that frame that the hot air balloons are in was white before I got my hands on it. It's getting kind of out of control.

  2. Wow Anna her room is so sweet. It's minimal, girly, and absolutely adorable.

  3. Hi Anna!

    Do you still like your rocking chair/glider? Is it comfy and is it possible to lean your head back in it? We are looking for one for baby #2 and it's so hard to find one because for the most part you can't sit in them first... If you do like it still, what is it called?


    1. I love ours! We got in from Walmart, of all places, but it looks like it's sold out for now: http://www.walmart.com/ip/19699206?productRedirect=true. I'm 5'10" so the back is a little too low for me to rest my head on sitting normally, but when I was spending lots of nights in it I'd just use a lumbar-style pillow and slide forward in the seat a little. It's very comfy, and really easy to get out of (which I appreciated when holding a sleeping baby). I'd recommend it! :)