summer style

This gal's got the look I'm going for this summer:

What a tan! Meaning she's not burned...meaning I need to wear sunscreen every single day. I'm also becoming religious about face moisturizer day and night - I've found that it actually makes my face less oily (a huge feat in the DC humidity). 

My hair got all curly when I was pregnant, which is fun but didn't feel like "me." So I got a straightening treatment that got it back to it's normal wavy state and doesn't require a ton of work; I really liked it and might repeat it, since it wears off after a couple of months.

Might be a weird thing to include on a list like this, but I'm basically holding myself accountable. I must find a dentist here that I like. I have a baby tooth that I still haven't lost that doesn't have an adult tooth underneath...yes, its weird...so if I don't want to look like I got in a bar fight when it eventually falls out I need to take action. And brushing and flossing are good things for the rest of them, obis. (Oh and do any if you do oil pulling? I'm intrigued by it...)

Simple, streamlined, and able to withstand baby grabs...rings are ideal.

Anything breezy and machine-washable. Again with the DC weather and baby and all.

What's your summer look?



    It's on the hill right by Capitol South Metro, so maybe not as convenient for you, but I loved him. It's Drs. Hood and Teitzman, and I think I see Hood.

    1. So few people talk about their dentist this way that I may in fact venture to the city :)

  2. love this! after having babies i started to adopt a more billowy look with my tops. i still love this, but i'm also trying to fit more physical fitness into my daily routine so that my billowy look is a look, and not just a cover-up, ya know? i'm also realizing that the kind of fabric one wears really makes a huge difference (duh, right?). i have some cotton tops that are SO light feeling in the summer sun. with hair, i'm sort of just letting it do what it wants to do (kind of like this post, but with WAY less products in my arsenal: http://www.heynataliejean.com/2014/06/the-secret-to-wash-go-hair.html) and then i've tried oil-pulling and i have to say i really thought it made my teeth whiter. cody thought so, too, which makes me think i wasn't imagining it. for some reason i stopped, but want to start again this week. also, you might feel like you're going to gag the first time, so if you do it, just start with the teeniest bit and do it for just as long as you can. the first time i did it i only lasted like 3 minutes with practically nothing in my mouth. the next day i could do the suggested amount. happy summer!

    1. I did the same thing - did it for a few days and just stopped for some reason! I think I was putting too much emphasis on doing it first thing in the morning, which is an inconvenient time to have a mouth full of coconut (what with needing to chat with a baby about everything that happened that night)...I've started it again just doing it during a nap and am sticking with it much more easily!